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Pupil Premium and Disadvantaged Pupils

The Pupil Premium is an allocation of funding, in addition to main school funding, which schools receive according to the number of children in specific groups.

Schools receive Pupil Premium funding for:

  • all children who are eligible for free school meals (FSM)
  • all children who have been eligible for free school meals (FSM) at any point in the last 6 years
  • all children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months by someone other than their immediate family

The government has provided this funding to help raise attainment for these children. National data shows that children who have been eligible for FSM at any point in time have sadly lower educational attainment than those who have never been eligible for FSM.  A Service Premium has also been introduced for children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces. This is designed to support the emotional and social well-being of these pupils.  Schools decide how the Pupil Premium is spent, but this funding should be to support these children.

How do I register my child?

If your child does not have free school meals but may be eligible because of your family’s income level, please contact the school office (in confidence) to register them. Even if you do not wish for your child to have a free school meal, registering them will enable the school to claim pupil premium funding that will benefit your child.

Please click the link below to view our Pupil Premium Information

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement.pdf