GSO Test

'Success for all, in all we do'

Week 2 in the sea!

In Reception this week we have been learning to ask questions about Under the Sea. We used this to help us learn more about sea creatures! 

We have enjoyed looking at non-fiction books and using the computer find information about sea creatures such as bristle worms and anemones. The children enjoyed writing facts about sea creatures, which has now been made into a fact book, please come and read it!

In maths this week we have continued exploring different ways to make the total five and say what we have found out.


Next week we will be reading the book 'Tiddler' to help us continue our Under the Sea journey. We will also be building upon our understanding of how to ask questions.

In Maths next week we will be looking at numbers up to the value of 10 and the different ways we can make this total. To help us, we will be practising counting forwards and backwards.

We will also be celebrating Chinese New Year and learning about the story.


- Please ensure all items of clothing are labelled

- Your child needs spare clothes on their peg, if you have borrowed clothes please return them our stock is low!


Have a lovely weekend!