GSO Test

'Success for all, in all we do'


We have been busy Drudglings (ask the kids and they'll fill in the blanks) in class this week. We have focused on formal grammatical structures and learning how to write in informal and formal styles. We finished off some of our work on Varmints - a thought-provoking picture book by Helen Ward - with the movie adaptation of the book. It is a stunning retelling of the narrative with atmospheric music to go; the movie is available on YouTube for a second viewing. 

Reminders for next week:

Friday 14th February - We Love Our Climate Day 

Children can wear hand-me-downs, clothes that have been repaired, charity shop clothes or old but still wearable clothes. Their clothes can be decorated with up-cycled items too, perhaps a badge made from a cornflakes box. 

Below is a copy of the home learning: 

The maths is an extra sheet which will be based on converting units of measurements and reasoning problems.