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Summer Term - Y3 Learning from Home Activities - Week beginning 13th July 2020

Dear Juniper and Kapok families,

As surreal as it is, we have now reached the final week of term! We cannot believe how quickly this term as gone. Although we were not able to reunited, we wanted to let you know how proud we are of all of you. The dedication you have shown has been admirable so you should also be proud of yourselves.

We have included a picture from everyone who has sent us a photo this week so have a look at the slideshow and see if you can spot your work!

Later on this week, there will be two separate blogs (one for each class) so we can say farewell to you all!

In the meantime (as we aren't finished yet), you will find your final lot of work and all the resources you may need.

Missing you all,

Miss Alabi and Miss Battagello


Shout outs


Summer Reading Challenge

Although life has certainly been rather different this year, you’ll be pleased to know that there is still going to be a Summer Reading Challenge! This year’s Reading Challenge invites everyone to get silly with the Silly Squad!

Join the challenge and meet the Silly Squad by visiting:

If you are not yet a member of a library, we encourage you to join one straight away! All Wandsworth libraries are currently giving members access to a range of online resources including eBooks and audio books.

Visit this website to join your local library:

Good luck and happy reading!

Virtual Summer Fair Campaign- Message from the PTA

The Virtual Summer Fair Campaign kicked off last Wednesday with various events taking place over the weekend.  Thank you to everyone for holding and attending these events and for so many generous donations.   We've loved seeing the photos of the fun you've been having! We are blown away to have received a phenomenal £3,081 in donations so far, meaning we are already 60% of the way to our £5,000 target! How amazing our Fircroft Family and Friends are! 

Events are still in the pipeline and you can let us know your plans/activities on

Coming up next is a Bake Sale on Friday 10th July, 2-4pm on Chetwode Road. Brownies, cake, veggie rolls and more!! 

We'd love to acknowledge your children's enthusiasm and participation. Let us know here how they have participated so we can thank them. 

You can also donate books, CDs and DVDs via the link on individual fundraisers pages.  For ease of reference you can read more about the campaign here -  It’s truly remarkable what we have already achieved so far by coming together.  How amazing it would be if we can push through and race past the £5,000 target! As ever, thank you for your continued support.

Friends of Fircroft PTA

Special Thanks

A special thanks to Zain and his family and Kai and his family for helping to raise money to contribute to the schools computer fund! 


Click on the video below to hear Miss Alabi read Chapter 11 and 12 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As always, we have also included a document below if you wish to read this to yourself. 

Our final talk topic is Family. Remember, we can have multiple different families such as the family that we live with, our Fircroft family and even our religious family! Have a look at Miss Alabi talking about family for 60 seconds!

For your creative activity, we have asked you to create musical instruments out of vegetables. If you fancy making a recorder out of a carrot? Click on the video below to learn how this is possible!

For your final music lesson, click on the video below. 

You all must be pretty fluent in Spanish now! For your final Spanish lesson, please click on the video below.

Learning Activities

Learning grid - week beginning July 13th

View document year3_learning_from_home/summer_2_july_13th/week_7.pdf

Learning Resources

English - CATCF Chapter 11 and 12

English 1 – Reading Detectives

English Activity 2 – Letter to new teacher

Science 1 – Fireworks in a glass

Science 2 – Fun with Density

Science 3 – 5 a Day

Maths 1 – Compare capacity

Maths 2 – Add and subtract capacity

Maths 3 – Pictograms

Maths 4 – Bar charts

Maths challenge - Carroll diagram

Creative - pepper drums

Year 3 Review

Optional - My Goals for Year 4

Optional - Talk Topics (Family)

Maths Answers

Maths 1 – Compare capacity ANSWERS

Maths 2 – Add and subtract capacity ANSWERS

Maths 3 – Pictograms ANSWERS

Maths 4 – Bar charts ANSWERS