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Summer Term – Farewell Year 6 – 17th July 2020

Congratulation class of 2020!!

You have made it to the end of year 6 and the final journey of your time at primary school has come to an end. That being said it is very important to remember that you have come a long way and should feel very proud of all you have accomplished. You’ll always be part of the Fircroft Family and we look forward to you coming back to visit (when social distancing rules allow)….we obviously want to see you in your shiny new blazers!

We are both amazed and in awe of how wonderful you have been throughout the whole year! You have worked hard at home and at school. To us, you will forever remain a memorable (and perhaps our favourite!) year group. Hopefully you will carry fond memories of us and the school when you head off to secondary. The pair of us will certainly look back at the year with a smile on our faces! This may not have been the end of the year we envisioned but we are hoping to have a reunion in the autumn term where we can all say goodbye, sign T-shirts and have a proper farewell!

In the meantime (because we certainly hope to see you all soon) we would like to wish you the best of luck at your new schools. You are ready for this next adventure – we know you are! Take in all the new opportunities that are thrown your way, be kind and, most of all, enjoy yourselves.

Happy summer holidays!!

Miss Patel & Mr Mackay

Shout Outs:

We have one last surprise Shout Out for you to enjoy; we hope it brings a smile to your faces as you look back at your time here at Fircroft.

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Leavers' Shout Outs

Here is some information we have been asked to share with you and your parents.


The links below offer useful advice and support on looking after the well-being not only of your children, but of yourselves as well. The second link to Young Minds also includes support for those children returning to school in September for the first time since lockdown.

BBC Bitesize - Parents' Toolkit: Wellbeing

Young Minds: Supporting your child during the Coronavirus pandemic


If you’d like to keep your maths brain ‘on the boil’ over the summer holidays then we would really recommend that you check out these resources. There is one booklet for each unit from Y1 to Y6. If you have the Amazon Kindle app then you can download them for FREE and they will be auto-delivered wirelessly to an iPad, tablet or android device. You can then go to your device to start using the booklets. Find them here on Amazon or download from White Rose directly: 

If you find maths a little challenging then do the work for your current year group but if you find maths really easy then have a go at the work for next year!

English Reading

Reading, especially for primary age children, is critical to educational development and something that families can do together. Please try to read every day during the holidays! Reading aloud to children has been shown to improve reading, writing and communication skills, logical thinking, concentration, and general academic aptitude, as well as inspire a lifelong love of reading. We really love this website:

Please check it out as an excellent alternative to screen time.

More Links: 

More links here from the DfE – please choose a few that are appropriate to your child's age and stage:

Leavers' Shout Out Files

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