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So Long, Farewell...

Hi everyone,

So, here we are - the end of the summer term and the end of year 1 for our classes. The year started just like any other - the children nervous about leaving Reception behind but excited to see what lay ahead and the teachers eager to get to know a whole new class of enquiring minds and equally excited to show them what adventures lay in store for them all. 

We quickly got to know each other, the children soon picked up the new rules, boundaries and expectations and the teachers learnt more about each child's personality, strength and ability. By Christmas we were as comfortable and familiar with each other as any family would be.

By mid-spring term though, everything started to change and our year 1 family, along with the Fircroft family as a whole, were suddenly facing a huge upheaval and unprecedented challenges.

We needed to find a way to keep your amazing minds busy and to ensure that we maintained a nurturing and supportive learning environment for you all despite us being apart. There were a few ups and downs but, on the whole, we feel like we achieved these goals.

The most remarkable outcome of all of this uncertainty though has been your incredible resilience. You have completed all the work that we have set for you, you have shared photos of you at work and play and, well, you seemingly have just taken everything in your stride.

For this and all your support, kindness and understanding we would like to say a massive...


We would have loved to have said this in person but as we can't...

If we seemed a little giggly throughout that message, here's why...

Although life has certainly been rather different this year, you’ll be pleased to know that there is still going to be a Summer Reading Challenge! This year’s Reading Challenge invites everyone to get silly with the Silly Squad!

Join the challenge and meet the Silly Squad by visiting:

If you are not yet a member of a library we encourage you to join one straight away! All Wandsworth libraries are currently giving members access to a range of online resources including eBooks and audio books.

Visit this website to join your local library:

Good luck and happy reading!

You may also be interest in earning some Blue Peter badges by taking part in their Six Badges of Summer scheme. Follow the link below to find out more...

Below you will find a link to the 100 Great Black Britons competition which is open until 30th September. It's a great way to teach your children about Black British History and how it shaped our country. We will also be exploring this further during Black History Month in the autumn term when Fircroft will be celebrating inspirational black Britons.

100 Great Black Britons Competition


If you’d like to keep your maths brain ‘on the boil’ over the summer holidays then we would really recommend that you check out these resources. There is one booklet for each unit from Y1 to Y6. If you have the Amazon Kindle app then you can download them for FREE and they will be auto-delivered wirelessly to an iPad, tablet or android device. You can then go to your device to start using the booklets. Find them here on Amazon or download from White Rose directly: 

If you find maths a little challenging then do the work for your current year group but if you find maths really easy then have a go at the work for next year! Don’t forget, you can email your work to your teacher for next year and they will see it in September! Just use the usual intake email address.


English Reading

Reading, especially for primary age children, is critical to educational development and something that families can do together. Please try to read every day during the holidays! Reading aloud to children has been shown to improve reading, writing and communication skills, logical thinking and concentration, and general academic aptitude, as well as inspire a lifelong love of reading. We really love this website……please check it out as an excellent alternative to screen time.


The links below offer useful advice and support on looking after the well-being not only of your children, but of yourselves as well. The second link to Young Minds also includes support for those children returning to school in September for the first time since lockdown.

BBC Bitesize - Parents' Toolkit: Wellbeing

Young Minds: Supporting your child during the Coronavirus pandemic

These next two links are aimed at children but provide a wealth of advice and information which you may want to discuss with your child.

Coronavirus: Advice and Support from Newsround

Coronavirus: Advice and Support from Childline

Newsround have also produced this short question and answers film about returning to school:

Newsround: Coronavirus Q&A

We have also included a copy of Axel Scheffler's book on Coronavirus which was published just after lockdown began in the UK. You may wish to share this with your child to address any questions or concerns they may have about coming out of lockdown.

Coming back to school and seeing all their friends after so long will be exciting for your children but not being able to hug them may prove difficult for some. The story below will give your children some ideas of how else they can show their friends how much they care:

And on the subject of well-being. Please ensure that you have some well earned rest and relaxation over the summer holidays - you all most certainly have earnt it!

Stay safe, take care and keep reaching for those stars!

Miss Becker, Miss Arnold and the whole year 1 team 


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