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Learning From Home -Summer 2 - Week 7 13th July 2020

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe I am writing 'Week 7' of this half term. Our final week before we break for the Summer holidays. A massive round of applause and pat on the back for all of you who managed to keep in touch and send us your weekly work, we have been so impressed with your grit and determination. Truly, Year 5 are the best of us (or well, the funniest!).

It was lovely to see so many of Maple class last week! Stop growing please.

Keep smiling,

All the best.

Mr Harris and Mr Plews

There is so much to celebrate this week; this message from our lovely PTA made us cheer:

Virtual Summer Fair Campaign – Message from the PTA

The Virtual Summer Fair Campaign kicked off last Wednesday with various events taking place over the weekend.  Thank you to everyone for holding and attending these events and for so many generous donations.   We've loved seeing the photos of the fun you've been having! We are blown away to have received a phenomenal £3,081 in donations so far, meaning we are already 60% of the way to our £5,000 target! How amazing our Fircroft Family and Friends are! 

Events are still in the pipeline and you can let us know your plans/activities on

Coming up next is a Bake Sale on Friday 10th July, 2-4pm on Chetwode Road. Brownies, cake, veggie rolls and more!! 


We'd love to acknowledge your children's enthusiasm and participation. Let us know here how they have participated so we can thank them. 


You can also donate books, CDs and DVDs via the link on individual fundraisers pages.  For ease of reference you can read more about the campaign here -  It’s truly remarkable what we have already achieved so far by coming together.  How amazing it would be if we can push through and race past the £5,000 target! As ever, thank you for your continued support.


Friends of Fircroft PTA


English Comprehension Tasks

Chapter 37:

Thinking Question:

  • Ted assumes that Marcus doesn’t want to be his friend due to the way that his lips move (or don’t move) when they meet each other’s gaze. Is Ted correct in his assumption? What else might be going on with Marcus?
  • What stopped Salim from running away?


Chapter 38:

Summarising Question:

At this point, you probably aren’t interested in answering questions and just want to skip to the next chapter. Kat and Ted have somehow managed to work out where Salim is! Before you dash off, can you quickly summarise how Kat and Ted have worked out the final destination of Salim?


Chapter 39:

Thinking Question:

When I talk to people about something I’ve found out, they don’t listen. When Kat does, everybody listens.

What – do you think – makes Kat and Ted such a good Mystery solving team?


Chapter 40:

Thinking Questions:

  • What would you do if you found yourself in Salim’s situation? How would you survive? Create a plan of what you would do in order to improve your chances of survival in this awful predicament.
  • Is it fair that Jack Winter lost his job? Explain your answer.


Chapter 41:

What did you think of the story? Write your own review of the book mentioning parts of the story that you liked / disliked to support your views.

 Learning from Home

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