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Kapok Class - You are AMAZING!

Dear Wonderful Kapok Class,

We have finally arrived at the last day of term! I hoped it wouldn't come round so quickly as I wanted to see you all before the holidays. 

You have been the best class any teacher could ever ask for! I have been so so lucky to have been your teacher this year. Each and everyone of you has made me smile so much and for that I am so grateful.

Although our year together was sadly cut short, you have all made me so so proud. You have handled home schooling amazingly well and I have really loved seeing the progress you have made since being at home. I know you will all have a fabulous year with Miss Arnold next year and I look forward to hearing what great things you achieve!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer holidays. Have fun and be safe!

Best wishes,

Miss Alabi

A year in the life of Kapok Class

Some of you know, technology is not my strong suit but I hope you enjoy this video which highlights some of our best bits this year! 

Final Shout Outs

Summer Holidays

Whilst I recognise you all deserve a nice relaxing break, please have a look below for some activities you may wish to dabble in! 


If you’d like to keep your maths brain ‘on the boil’ over the summer holidays then we would really recommend that you check out these resources. 

There is one booklet for each unit from Y1 to Y6. If you have the Amazon Kindle app then you can download them for FREE and they will be auto-delivered wirelessly to an iPad, tablet or android device.

You can then go to your device to start using the booklets. Find them here on Amazon or download from White Rose directly: 

If you find maths a little challenging then do the work for your current year group but if you find maths really easy then have a go at the work for next year! Don’t forget, you can email your work to your teacher for next year and they will see it in September! Just use the usual intake email address.


Reading, especially for primary age children, is critical to educational development and something that families can do together.

Please try to read every day during the holidays! Reading aloud to children helps improve their reading, writing and communication skills. We really love as it is an excellent alternative to screen time.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I have also scanned the remaining chapters of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so you can finish reading the book! Please just click on the link to access it! The chapters do get quite long so the summarising document may be helpful to ensure children remember what they have read.

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Summer Reading Challenge

Though the reading challenge was mentioned in the blog last week, many of you have said how much you are looking forward to the challenge so I have included the information again!

This year’s Reading Challenge invites everyone to get silly with the Silly Squad!

Join the challenge and meet the Silly Squad by visiting:

If you are not yet a member of a library, we encourage you to join one straight away! All Wandsworth libraries are currently giving members access to a range of online resources including eBooks and audio books.

Visit this website to join your local library:

Black Britons 

This year, as part of our Black History Month celebrations, we will be celebrating inspirational Black Britons. There is a competition which requires children to choose someone from the list of 100. Children need to research their chosen person and then create something which has been inspired by that person.

To access this great competition, please click on the link below.

The deadline is not until 30th September, so you have plenty of time!

Potions - Your new Y4 topic

Get ready for September! Your new topic is 'Potions'. You will learn all about the magical world of potions and their properties. As part of this topic, you will learn about states of matter. You will investigate what happens when certain liquids and solids combine!

If you are keen, you might want to create your own potion or even research different famous potions! Are potions a big part of a story you are reading?

Have fun with your research and send your work to so your new teacher can see everything you have done!