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Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Children in Year 4 have been using atlases this week - researching mountains around the world. They have learnt how to distinguish low and high ground and to look for mountain peaks. They have been comparing and contrasting these mountains and noticing how our peaks here in the UK are dwarfed by their larger cousins across the world. We have also used the 'eight points' of the compass to give directions to each other using the atlases, in addition to researching how mountains are formed. There were some interesting ideas as to why at the start of this personal favourite - from seeds?

Across other parts of the curriculum, we've been working on our diary writing skills this week in Literacy, with lots of role play to assist our ability to empathise . Coding using Scratch continues in Computing, and it's been a week of in-depth study of multiplication in Maths.