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'Success for all, in all we do'

Meet our Fircroft Staff


Mrs York 

Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion (SENCo)

Ms Spencer

Assistant Headteacher - Curriculum and KS2 (Y3, 4, 5, 6)

Ms Thomas

Mrs Doyle - currently on a secondment

Acting Assistant Headteacher - Reading, EYFS & KS1 (Y1, 2)

Mrs Yorke

School Business Manager

Ms Lee

School Office

Mr Bernard

Mr Jacques

Curriculum & Admin Support

Mrs Bernard

Learning Mentor

Miss Uddin

Nursery Badgers, Squirrels & Hedgehogs Classes

Ms Varney - Teacher

Miss Guthrie - Nursery Nurse

Mrs Alam - Teaching Assistant

Reception Acorn Class

Ms Gomes - Teacher

Mrs Yorke - Teacher and EYFS, Y1, 2, 3 Phase Leader

Ms Collin - Teaching Assistant

Miss John - Teaching Assistant

Miss Phillips - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Ragulan - Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Beech Class

Mrs Lawrenson - Teacher

Ms Visessombat - Teaching Assistant 

Year 2 Cherry Class

Miss Marshall - Teacher

Mrs Ahmed - Teaching Assistant

Miss Degano - Teaching Assistant

Year 2 Dragon Class

Miss Akajagbo - Teacher

Mrs Ahmed - Teaching Assistant

Ms Oyelami - Teaching Assistant

Year 3 Juniper Class

Ms Wright - Teacher

Ms Hulcome - Teaching Assistant

Mr Taylor - Teaching Assistant

Year 3 Kapok Class

Miss Silver - Teacher

Ms Hulcome - Teaching Assistant

Miss Blood - Teaching Assistant

Year 4 Gingko Class

Mrs Khan - Teacher

Ms Wallace - Teaching Assistant

Ms Richmond - Teaching Assistant

Year 4 Hazel Class

Miss Whiffin - Teacher

Ms Wallace - Teaching Assistant

Ms Richmond - Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Larch Class

Mr Rose - Teacher

Year 5 Maple Class

Ms Mayers - Teacher

Year 6 Nutmeg Class

Miss Shaw - Teacher

Miss Durand - Teaching Assistant

Year 6 Pine Class

Mrs Choudhry - Teacher

Miss Newall - Teacher

Miss Bracher - Teacher

Ms Durand - Teaching Assistant

Specialist Teachers

Ms Carr-Sylvester - Spanish 

Mr Mackley - Music 

PPA & Cover Supervisor

Mrs Campbell

Mealtime Supervisors

Miss Dyson

Ms Ragulan 

Site Manager

Mr Ngombo