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Through the teaching of History, we aim to excite children’s interest and curiosity about the events and people that have shaped both their local area, Britain and the wider world.

Our History curriculum aims to equip children with the knowledge and skills to think and act like historians:

  • Use and interpret a variety of sources of historical information, both primary and secondary.
  • Pose questions about how people lived in the past and carry out research to find the answers.
  • Make comparisons between different historical eras and with the present day.
  • Develop a sense of chronology and use accurate vocabulary to describe the passing of time.
  • Develop an understanding of abstract historical concepts such as empire and civilisation.

We take all opportunities to use our local area and community to enhance our learning. For example, local historian Geoff Simmons talked to Yr 5 pupils on a guided local history walk and pupils raised awareness of a blue plaque unveiling for local hero, Peter Barr, the Victorian ‘Daffodil King’.