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Through the teaching of Geography, we aim to excite children’s interest and curiosity about their local area as well as promoting a fascination with the wider world and its diverse places and people.

Our Geography curriculum aims to equip children with the knowledge and skills to think and act like geographers:

  • Use and interpret a variety of sources of geographical information from the traditional, such as globes and atlases, to digital sources such as Google Earth and virtual reality video.
  • Conduct fieldwork in order to collect and analyse geographical data.
  • Investigate the similarities and differences between different locations and draw conclusions about them.

We want to ensure that when the time comes, our children leave Fircroft having developed a varied and rich geographical vocabulary in order to refer accurately to key human and physical features of their world.

We take all opportunities to use our local area to carry out geographical fieldwork. Below, are our pupils using the Fircroft Weather Station, together with data-logging equipment to collect temperature data.



Below, are our Year 1 students exploring Wandsworth Common and looking for signs of seasonal change.

                  Year 1 Explore Wandsworth Common  Year 1 Explore Wandsworth Common