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'Success for all, in all we do'

Design and Technology 

At Fircroft, we embrace Design and Technology (DT) as an opportunity for children to express their creativity, broaden their interests and gain a range of problem-solving and practical skills. Wherever possible, the context for their DT learning will link to their main topic focus, to provide a real sense of purpose to their work. By the time a child leaves Fircroft, they will have developed the knowledge and skills necessary to engage confidently in:

  • Designing - children develop the skills to generate design ideas in response to a challenge or brief. They present their ideas clearly as labelled diagrams or as models.
  • Making – children are encouraged to select the most appropriate materials and tools to achieve the desired result. Through this, they will develop a range of cutting, joining and finishing skills, which are constantly being built upon.
  • Evaluating - evaluating products can take place before, after or during the design and make process. Before designing, pupils might explore and research existing products, to support them with generating ideas. During and after making a product, pupils will be encouraged to reflect on the success of their own creations and of other’s, thinking carefully about how well outcomes match design intentions.
  • Cooking and nutrition - children will gain knowledge and skills of basic cooking and also an appreciation of the importance of good hygiene, when cooking. They will be encouraged to reflect on taste and texture when choosing ingredients and also whether they constitute healthy choices.

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