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Art & Design 

Through the teaching of Art & Design, we aim to develop children’s own creativity as well as the ability to critically evaluate and appraise the work of other artists and designers.

Our Art & Design curriculum aims to provide pupils with a wide range of art activities in order to equip them with the knowledge and skills to think and act like artists and designers:

  • Use a wide range of art media with confidence.
  • Use sketchbooks to gather and try out a variety of ideas.
  • Develop skills in a wide range of techniques for drawing, painting, sculpting and other visual media.
  • Develop a varied and rich vocabulary in order to evaluate the work of a variety of artists and designers.


We take all opportunities to engage with local artists and projects. Below is a selection of images of pupils from across the school, working with a local artist as part of the Wandsworth Arts Fringe. Each child decorated a brick with a word they felt best reflected their personality or interests. The artist used the bricks to create towers which were displayed at the Wandsworth Arts Fringe Showcase at the Town Hall; several Fircroft families and staff attended.

 WAF Tower